WENDT Dressing Tools

WENDT Dressing Tools & Wear Parts

Akshitha Enterprises is the Authorised Dealers for WENDT Dressing Tools & Wear Parts - has in its product portfolio an exhaustive range of diamond dressing rolls for almost all dressing applications. These high precision rotary dressers find applications across industries like Automotive, Engineering, Bearing, Aerospace, Textile, Tooling etc. They offer accuracy levels of less than a micron.

  • Crank shafts, camshafts. Piston rings and valves for automotive engine.
  • Gear shafts and gears, splined shafts, synchromesh rings, oil pump worm wheels for gear and transmission.
  • Bearing outer race, cross pins, ball joint, ball screws, servo steering piston & valves and toothed racks for automotive universal joints.
  • Stub axis, propeller shafts and journals and ball races for automotive chassis and steering.
  • Rotor shafts, guide valves, rotor blades for turbine.
  • Screw taps, thread rolling dies, collets & chucks, drill brushes and broaches for tool making.
  • Piston rods, piston valves and rotary piston for hydraulics.
  • Inner and outer rings, spherical, cylindrical, tapered and crowned races for bearing.

  • Stationary Dressers, PCD/PCBN Tools & Wear Parts

    In line with the philosophy of providing "Technology solutions for grinding applications" we also offer a host of high quality stationary dressing tools produced from pure natural diamonds, customized to meet the needs of wheel dressing and forming.

    Dressers with PCD (Poly Crystalline Diamond), MCD (Mono Crystalline Diamond), CVD (Chemical Vapour Diamond) cater to the specific requirement of precise dressing and consistent wheel performance.

    Our PCD wear parts and PCD/PCBN tooling programme goes one step further in customization and providing tooling solutions.
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